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Understanding Backgammon Lessons Perfectly Now

In the game of backgammon, there are different situations. Sometimes it is worth acting on the basis of logical considerations, sometimes – using intuition or going all-in. However, there are situations in the game that already have the most optimal solution. In this section, we tried to collect the most necessary recommendations on the game in short backgammon. Despite the title of the section, they will be useful not only for beginners – perhaps something new here will find professional players in backgammon.

Smart Deals Here

Kill two birds with one stone in the beginning of the game.If at the beginning of the game you have the opportunity to knock out 2 pieces of your opponent with one blow, be sure to do it. You risk minimally – the opponent at the beginning of the game will not yet be worthy of protection, and even if your checker is beaten, returning it to the board will not be a problem. But the enemy will have to place both checkers on the board, which will allow them to win a move, at the very least, or, as a maximum, knock out one more opponent’s checker on the bar with the next turn and install 2 pieces at one point in his house, which will complicate the return to the board checkers. With the backgammon lessons you will be able to have the perfect deals now.

We dropped a double at the beginning of the game

With proper use, a double in backgammon brings a tangible result. If the game is at the initial stage, then if you take a double, try to take as many positions in your house as possible. Thus, knocking out any of the opponent’s checkers on the bar will make a return to the board a time-consuming task. As one of the options, if you chose the strategy of the game not for speed, but for keeping the opponent in the house, block the 7th item (the first behind the house). This is possible if the stakes are 3-3, 6-6 or 1-1. In this case, the enemy can no longer escape from your home so easily.

Popular moves at the beginning of the game

At the beginning of the next game in backgammon, you can seriously block the way for the opponent’s checkers in your house. This is possible by building a protective line on several points in a row and increasing the blocked items in your house. So, if you have 3-1, bravely make the move 8-5 and 6-1 and you have 2 blocked items in the house. Do the same in case of a loss of 5-3 or 6-4. If there are 6-1 or 6-6 on the dice, block the point 7. In this case, the opponent cannot run even one checker from the house to his point 12 in one move.